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If you’re preparing for surgery, a pre-operative appointment may be required to ensure you’re in good enough health to move forward with your procedure. The highly skilled team at Alexandria Immediate Care in Alexandria, Virginia, offers thorough pre-operative appointments for your surgical needs. Booking your appointment is as easy as a phone call or a visit to the online scheduling tool.


Pre Operative Appointment Q & A

What is a pre-operative appointment?

Surgery places a great deal of strain on your body. Even when a procedure is absolutely necessary, care still needs to be taken to ensure your body is prepared for the stress of surgery. 

A pre-operative appointment is a medical visit focused on evaluating your health to make sure you’re prepared for the best possible surgical outcome. Many elements of a pre-operative exam are similar to those you’d expect during a routine physical exam. There may be different elements, however, specific to your particular procedure. 

What happens during a pre-operative exam?

The initial portion of your exam centers on a discussion of your personal and family health history. If there have been any changes in your condition since your last exam, be sure to share the details. You’ll also need to provide a comprehensive list of all medications and supplements you’re taking. 

Your practitioner will also gather basic data about your height, weight, and vital signs. A routine physical exam follows, and the results are included in your personal medical record. 

From this point forward, the screenings focus on aspects of your health that are directly related to your planned surgical procedure. Some examples include:

  • Blood tests
  • Urinalysis
  • X-rays or other imaging
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Blood glucose
  • Blood coagulation studies

Your surgeon will create the outline for your pre-operative exam, depending on your specific needs. 

What if I’m not cleared for surgery after my exam?

It’s disappointing to have to delay surgery, especially if the procedure is something you’ve been planning for some time. However, if the results of your pre-operative exam suggest that your health is not at a level that can support a surgical procedure, the best course of action is to wait and make the necessary improvements. 

Viewed in this way, a “failed” pre-operative exam is not a failure, but a success. The exam is intended to prevent you from moving forward with a procedure that could cause serious harm. 

The next step is to work with your physician to improve your health. Once those improvements have been made, you can schedule another pre-operative exam to see if you’re ready for surgery. Scheduling takes just a quick phone call or a visit to the online booking tool.