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Alexandria Immediate Care offers services to all ages, but the youngest patients hold a special place in the hearts of the practice’s compassionate providers. Families in Alexandria, Virginia, can rely on Alexandria Immediate Care for top-quality pediatric services. Supporting optimal health for children of all ages is an honor and a great source of pride for the entire team. Book an appointment today using the simple online tool or over the phone.


Pediatrics Q & A

What is pediatric care?

Pediatrics is a branch of medical practice dedicated to the needs of children. Doctors who practice pediatrics spend a portion of their training focused on childhood developmental standards and the specific health issues children face. 

All kids need pediatric care to ensure they’re reaching proper developmental markers, and to receive the screenings needed throughout childhood. Annual visits are the norm, and you can always bring your child in for treatment if an injury or illness arises. 

What happens during pediatric visits?

Your child’s annual checkup visits consist of routine assessments of their overall health and development. Information is gathered about their height, weight, heart and breathing function, eyesight, and reflexes. 

The data collected during annual exams is placed into your child’s personal medical record. That record is an invaluable resource as your child grows into adulthood. Not only can a comprehensive medical record help in the event of a serious medical problem, but it can also show changes over time that could indicate a health issue. 

What if my child becomes ill?

Having a trusted doctor to turn to in times of need brings peace of mind to parents. When your child spikes a fever in the middle of the night or is showing symptoms of the flu, knowing who to call is important. 

Alexandria Immediate Care can help you find answers and customized treatment plans when your child is ill or injured. If a problem arises after traditional business hours, the team offers urgent care services. 

How can I prepare for pediatric visits?

If your child is anxious about doctor visits, one of the best things you can do to ease their mind is to bring them in with you during your own annual exam. When they see you having positive interactions with your providers, they make positive associations about medical care. 

Bringing your child in with you also creates an opportunity for your child to meet the team, so they’ll see familiar faces when the time comes for their own appointment. There are also some great children’s books about the positive aspects of going to the doctor.

Be sure to bring in any information about your child’s health history and your family health history. If your child has received treatment for any medical conditions, provide the details and a list of any medications or procedures related to those issues. 

If your child needs a pediatric exam or is feeling under the weather, schedule an appointment at Alexandria Immediate Care today, online or over the phone.